(001) The Rock River Leisure Estates Home Owners’ Association is a body created under the laws of the State of Wisconsin, as a non-profit member­ship Corporation and is delegated and assigned the powers of maintaining, improving, regulating and preserving the Common Properties, administer­ing and enforcing the Covenants and Rules and collecting and disbursing the Assessments and charges hereinafter created.




(002) The following words or phrases, when used in this Declaration or any Supplementary Declaration of Covenants and Rules (unless the context shall prohibit) shall have the following meanings:


(003) Association:  shall mean and refer to Wisconsin’s Rock River Leisure Estates Home Owners’ Association, Inc.


(004) Properties: shall mean and refer to all Existing Property and additions thereto, under Additional Property, as described in Article II, and are sub­ject to this Declaration or any supplementary Declaration of Covenants and Rules.


(005) Lot: shall mean and refer to any numbered lot shown upon any recorded final plat of the Properties.


(006) Common Properties:  shall mean and refer to all Outlots as numbered and shown on the final plat, including the road right-of-way area numbered Outlot 12.


(007) Owner:  shall mean and refer to the record owner, whether one or more persons or entities, of a fee, or undivided fee, interest or to a person or entity, which has an interest as a contract purchaser in any Lot situated upon the Properties, but shall not mean or refer to any person or entity who holds such interest merely as a security for the performance of an obligation.


(008) Member:  shall mean and refer to any Owner who is a member of the Association.


(009) Board:  shall mean and refer to the Board of Directors of the Association.


(010) Recreational Vehicle:  shall mean and refer to a temporary dwelling used for travel, recreation and vacation use. For size limitation, refer to Article V.


(011) Covenants #1:  are a legal promise that land may be used or may not be used in a certain way, and is particularly an express agreement between the Association and lot owners.


(012) Covenants#2:  These Covenants shall become a part of the plat.


(013) Covenants#3:  Provisions of Articles I through V of this Declaration shall be deemed to be Covenants.


(014) Facilities:  shall mean and refer to roads, water, sewers, swimming pools, tennis courts, ski run, ball diamond, boat docks, boat storage area and other recreational storage and service structures.


(015) Auxiliary Services: shall mean and refer to laundry, food and sundry store, ski shop, snack bar and other structures consistent with the purposes of the development.



(016) Family: shall mean and refer to one or more persons living together in one dwelling unit as a single housekeeping entity, provided that a family may consist of not more than two such persons when not related by blood or marriage.


(017) Living Space: shall mean and refer to all heated indoor area, not includ­ing porches, sun decks, basements, attics, attached garages, breezeways, carports, crawlspaces and the like.






Existing Property


(018) The real property which is and shall be held, conveyed and occupied subject to the covenants and rules set forth in this Declaration is located in Rock County, State of Wisconsin, and is more particularly described as follows:


(019) Part of the West one-half (W 1/2) of Section Twelve (12) and part of the East one-half (E 1/2) of Section Eleven (11), part of the Southwest one-quarter (SW 1/4) of Section Twelve (12), Town 4 North, Range 12 East of the 4th P.M., Township of Fulton, Rock County, Wisconsin.


Additional Property


(020) Additional Property may become subject to the Covenants and Rules set forth in this Declaration.


(021) Developers, their heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns shall have the right to bring within the general plan or scheme of this Declaration, Additional Property in future stages of development.


(022) Addi­tions, if any, shall comply with the standards set forth in this document.


(023) The additions shall be subject to assessment for their just share of Association expenses.


(024) The Developers, their heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns, are not obliged to bring any Additional Property within the general plan or scheme of development, other than Out Lot areas shown on Exhibit 2.


(025) Any additions authorized under the Section shall be made by recording a Supplementary Declaration of Covenants and Rules with respect to such additions, which shall extend the general plan or scheme of the Covenants and rules of this Declaration to the lands added.






Nature and Ownership of Common Properties


(026) General Provisions.  Unless expressly dedicated to the public by the Home Owners' Association, as far as is consistent with this Declaration, all Com­mon Properties depicted on the recorded plats, are and shall remain private and are to be available to and for the benefit of all lot owners in existing and future units.


(027) A commitment to that effect, signed by the Developers, appears on the face of Exhibit 2.


(028) Developers covenant for themselves, their heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns:


(028A) To set aside certain lands as Common Properties as set forth in the various plats to be recorded:

(028B) To improve the Common Properties:

(028C) To open the Common Properties to the common use and enjoyment in conformity with Article 2; and

(028D) To convey, by warranty deed, a fee simple title to the Common Properties to the Association, subject to the Covenants and Rules, in accordance with the standards and timetable specified in the following subsections.


(029) Grounds: (i.e., permanent green areas and other open spaces to be used for recreational purposes and for preservation of the environmental qualities of the development).


(030) Facilities: (i.e., buildings or other improvements for administrative, maintenance, service of recreational purposes, with the tracts of land on which they are situated).


Facilities on the Additional Property:


(031) The Association shall have the right to establish and build facilities on any addition made from the Additional Property upon favorable review of the Board of Directors of the Home Owners' Association.


Relationship between Facilities and Grounds:


(032) Unless this Declaration provides to the contrary, the Association shall have the right subsequently to establish additional recreational facilities as part of its Common Properties.


(033) Unless this Declaration provides to the contrary, at any time after the sale of the 250th lot, the Association shall have the right to expand any originally established facility, or reduce, reasonably modify the character or close, or remove, any originally or subsequently established facility.


(034) Land maybe withdrawn from the grounds only for the purposes set forth in this Article III and within the limits established by the Board of Directors of the Associa­tion and by a two-thirds vote of the membership at the annual meeting, excepting to the original plans of this development.


Special Provisions regarding Operation and/or Disposition of Facili­ties on the Existing Property:


(035) In the event that the Association elects by a vote of at least 75% of its membership to close or discontinue operation and maintenance of any facility originally established on the Existing Property, any such facility shall revert to:


(035A) first, the Developers, who shall have the option to continue operation and maintenance of the facility, or

(035B) secondly, should a facility be removed, the land on which it was situated shall become part of the Grounds.


Use and Enjoyment of Common Properties:


(036) Each and every Member, his family members, and guests residing with him in his household shall have the rights of the use and enjoyment of the Common Properties, subject to the Covenants and Rules stated in this Declaration and other reasonable regulations which the Board shall have the power to prescribe.


(037) The Board and the assigns of the Association shall have the power to impose and collect reasonable fees for the use of those facilities for which a user-fee is deemed necessary.


(038) In the event that Developers or the Board elect to make certain facilities available for public use as well as the use of Members and guests of Members, any fee schedules established for such facilities will be graduated to reflect preferential treatment in favor of:


(038A) Members and their immediate families;

(038B) Guests of Members; and

(038C) General public, in that order.

(039) The Board shall have the power to suspend a Member's rights to use and enjoy the Common Properties for any period during which any assessment remains unpaid, and for any period not to exceed thirty (30) days for any infraction of the Covenants and Rules stated in this Declaration of its published regulations for the use, protection and preservation of the Com­mon Properties.

Protection and Preservation of Common Properties:

(040) For the duration of the covenants and rules set forth in this Declaration, the area of the Common Properties depicted in the final plats shall not be reduced by sale or development subject to exceptions stated in this Declaration.

(041) No portion of the grounds depicted in the final plats shall be diverted to residential development or facilities, subject to exceptions stated in this Declaration.

(042) The grounds shall be preserved in their natural state, subject to additional approved recreational facilities, reasonable silvicultural measures (i.e., removal of dead or diseased trees), and measures of soil protection as they may be approved by the Board.


(043) No person shall dump any garbage, trash or other refuse anywhere on the Common Properties, except in such places as may be designated for such purposes by the Board.


(044) Likewise, no person shall engage in any tree cutting, trail-making, burning, or like activity on the Common Properties; any such activity, if consistent with the purposes of this Declaration and in the interests of the Development, shall be carried out only by persons specifically authorized by the Board.


(045) The Board shall have the power to prescribe other reasonable regulations for protection and preservation of Common Properties.


Transfers of Interests in Common Properties:


(046) The Association shall have the right to borrow money for the purpose of improving the Common Properties and in aid thereof to mortgage said properties.


(047) In the event that the Developers have mortgaged any of the Common Properties, they shall have satisfied such mortgages prior to conveyance of title to said properties to the Association.


Construction and Operation of Facilities:


(048) Developers/ Association may construct and operate on the Common Prop­erties a laundry and other auxiliary services, limited to a maximum of 100,000 square feet of building area.


Structures on Common Properties:


(049) All structures on common areas shall be limited to those owned by the Association.




Size and Use:


(050) All lots in the development of Wisconsin's Rock River Leisure Estates shall be used for the following purposes only:


(051) Vacation Cottage Sites shall be lots consisting of a minimum of nine thou­sand (9,000) square feet and less than twenty-five thousand (25,000) square feet, plus the rights to the Common Properties, except that the following lots exceeding twenty-five thousand (25,000) square feet may be used as Vacation Cottage Sites: Lots 224,225,226,227 and 228 of First Addition to Wisconsin's Rock River Leisure Estates.


(052) Recreational Vehicle Sites shall be lots consisting of less than nine thou­sand (9,000) square feet plus the rights to the Common Properties, except that the following lots exceeding nine thousand (9,000) square feet may be used as Recreational Vehicle Sites: Lots 8 through 18, Lots 143 and 144, and Lots 158 through 164 of Wisconsin's Rock River Leisure Estates, and Lots 186,187,223,229,232,233,308 and 309 of First Addition to Wisconsin's Rock River Leisure Estates.




Covenants Relating to All Lots:


(053) Recreational vehicle locations and all buildings shall be located at least twenty-five (25) feet from the public right-of-way and ten (10) feet from any lot line, except when lot shape and topography on recreational vehicle sites prevent these set-back requirements.


(054) On Ellendale Road, the set-back shall be fifty (50) feet from the public right-of-way.


(055) Any lot less than nine thousand (9,000) square feet in size shall not be used for a permanent residence.


(056) All building exteriors, including exterior color, shall be completed within one (1) year from date of issuance of building permit.


(057) The Association, for themselves, their heirs, personal representatives, suc­cessors, assigns and licensees, reserve a perpetual easement of 10 feet along the rear line of all lots, together with an easement of 15 feet in width along both sides of all road rights-of-way and such an easement 7 1/2 feet in width along the side lines of each lot, together with the right of ingress and egress thereon for the installation, operation, maintenance and servicing of and facilities and drainage ditches and appurtenances thereto, together with the right to trim, cut or remove any structure, trees or brush necessary for the above purposes.


(058) Except, where an owner of two or more lots, the sides of which adjoin, constructs a building which will cross over or through a common lot side line prior to the installation of any utility lines across such easement, said consolidated lot shall not be subject to the aforementioned 7 1/2 foot easement along the line common to both lots.


(059) Also, except where a lot shall be acquired by the owners of lots adjoining it on both sides and shall apportion a portion of said lot to such adjoining lots the easements, across the sides of the lots involved shall shift to a 71/2 foot strip along the sides of each newly constituted lot.


(060) The owners or lots within the subdivision shall have no cause of action against the Developers, their heirs, personal representatives, successors or licensees, either at law or in equity by reason of any damage caused said lots in the installation, opera­tion or maintenance of above mentioned utilities, except in cases of gross negligence.


(061) Two or more lots may be used as a single building site except recreational vehicle sites.


(062) Each lot owner must belong to the Association and has one vote in the Association, all with equal rights and privileges.


(063) In the event of multiple lot ownership, said owner shall have no more than one vote.


(064) After the sale of the 250th lot, the Board of Directors of the Association shall consist of seven members nominated and elected at large from the mem­bership of the Association.


(065) Directors shall be elected to serve two-year terms.


(066) Parking for at least two (2) cars shall be provided for each lot.


(067) Storage of boats snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles shall be stored in approved storage areas.


(068) Cycles, garden, lawn and similar equipment shall be stored in approved storage sheds.


(069) No more than 25% of a lot can be cleared for improvements and there shall be no removal of any foliage within five feet of a lot line and no living tree larger than four inches in diameter shall be removed other than in the 25% improvement area, except for installation of public utilities, driveways and drainage control.


(070) No sign larger than one square foot is allowed on any lot by an owner.


(071) No lots shall be used as a roadway.


(072) No partially destroyed dilapidated structure or open basement is permitted.


(073) No dry wells or fill system will be used on an individual lot.


(074) Refuse contain­ers shall be kept out of sight except for garbage pick-up days.


(075) All sewage and water shall be disposed of through the Consolidated Koshkonong Sanitary District.


(076) No lot owner or other person may construct or utilize any other form of disposal on or from the Development.


(077) The Association shall have the right of first refusal of any lot sold by a lot owner in the development, which right of refusal shall be consistent with all applicable state and federal laws.


(078) All road rights-of-way shall remain the property of the Association and not of the individual abutting lot owner.


(079) Covenants may be added to or removed from this Declaration by a three­-fourths (3/4) vote of the membership of the Association and rules by a two-thirds (2/3) vote.


(080) All lot owners must use the water services provided by the Rock River Leisure Estates Cooperative; no lot owner may use any other water source or drill any well in Wisconsin's Rock River Leisure Estates or in any addition thereto.


Covenants Relating to Vacation Cottage Sites:


(081) Architectural approval of all plans on all building shall be by the Board of Directors of the Association.


(082) The minimum foundation area of living space shall be seven hundred fifty (750) square feet.


(083) The maximum foundation area of living space shall be fifteen hundred (1,500) square feet.


(084) There shall be only one single family dwelling unit per lot, limited to single family occupancy.


(085) All buildings must be approved for architecture and building material by the Board of Directors of the Association.


Covenants Relating to Recreational Vehicle Sites:


(086) The only buildings allowed on these lots are non-dwellings, such as storage and boat sheds architecturally approved by the Board of Directors of the Association.


(087) All initial site preparation for recreational vehicle lots for extension of sewer and water thereto and the construction of the entrance roads thereto shall be constructed exclusively by the developers with prime concern for soil conservation.


(088) There shall be only one recreational vehicle per recreational vehicle site.


(089) All recreational vehicles must be fully self-contained (I.e., full bath, with toilet and shower or tub, and no fuel storage is allowed exceeding one hundred [100] gallons of L.P. gas and ten [10] gallons of other liquid fuels.


(090) Recreational vehicles shall be a maximum of forty (40) feet in length and eight and one-half (8 1/2) feet in highway travel width.


(091) Pick-up trucks with slip-on campers and fold-out trailers shall not be allowed except for a limited time determined by the Association.


(092) All non-dwellings such as storage sheds and garages must be approved for architecture and building material by the Board of Directors of the Association.


(093) No second recreational vehicle may be parked or stored on any recreational vehicle lot.


(094) A visiting recreational vehicle may be approved by the Board for a maximum stay of two weeks per year for each different recreational vehicle.


(095) A recreational vehicle on a recreational vehicle lot shall not be used as a permanent residence.


(096) Fencing of any type is prohibited.




Rules Relating to All Lots:


(097) The Association shall control, maintain, improve and manage Association owned land and establish, control and enforce Lot Covenants.


(098) Outlots 1, 2, 10, A and B, as shown on the final plat and its exhibits shall be deeded, at no cost, to the Association by the Developers at the time of the sale of the 250th lot.


(099) Until the sale of the 250th lot, the Board of Directors of the Association shall consist of three (3) members, one of the Developers, the manager, appointed by the Developer, and one member elected annually in the month of May by the Association.


(100) The Association shall maintain the Common Properties, facilities, roads and highway right-of-way associated with such roads and all constructed recreational facilities.


(101) Annual Association maintenance fee shall not exceed Three Hundred Dol­lars ($300.00) unless the Association, by a two-thirds vote of the member­ship (a minimum of 250 members) votes to assess property owners an annual sum of money in excess of $300.00 to insure the maintenance of the Common Properties, facilities, roads and highway right-of-way associated with such roads, and for state and local government taxes, and other ordinary and necessary expenses.


(102) Said assessment shall be equitably based on a per lot basis.


(103) The Board of Directors may designate as a single lot for assessment purposes when there are two adjacent lots, if used as one lot.


(104) Maintenance fee shall be due upon sale of lot and pro-rated to May 31 and due each year thereafter on May 31.


(105) Said fee may be paid in such install­ments as determined by the Board of Directors.


(106) Capital improvements beyond those provided by the Developers shall be at the cost of the Association by special assessment upon approval by seventy-five per cent (75%) of the Association members (minimum of 250 members).


(107) Insurance and taxes will be paid by the Developers on all land and improvements maintained and operated by the Association and until the land is deeded to the Association.


(108) Should the Association, by a vote of seventy-five per cent (75%) of its members (minimum of 250 members), decide to disband the Association because of failure to meet its maintenance, management or enforcement obligations, all land and improvements owned by the Association shall be offered for sale to the Town of Fulton, County of Rock, State of Wisconsin, or any other party, in that order, for a park, at one-half the appraised value at the time of the sale.


(108) The appraised value shall be determined by three appraisers, one to be selected by the Association, one by the aforesaid governmental agency or other party, and the third to be selected by these two appraisers.


(110) Coin-operated laundry facilities shall be provided in the recreation hall.


(111) No open storage of any kind will be allowed on ground, including under any recreational vehicle.


(112) Snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle and motorcycle usage shall be restricted to areas and times approved by the Board of Directors.


(113) Maintenance equipment owned by the Developers and desired by the Association shall be sold to the Association at the depreciated cost at the time of the sale of the 250th lot.


(114) Payment for this equipment will be by $100.00 from each initial annual maintenance fee, starting at the sale of the 251st lot and running until the equipment is paid off.


(115) Failure to pay annual Association maintenance fee will result in loss of use of the community water system and loss of use of all recreational facilities and shall be added as an assessment against the lot owner and proper legal action shall be instigated to collect such dues and fees.


(116) The community water system shall be owned and operated by Rock River Leisure Estates Cooperative, a Wisconsin cooperative.


(117) Trash must be picked up from enclosed containers and may not be burned.


(118) Failure to remove trash shall be cause for the Association to shut off the community water system.


(119) No animals shall be kept or maintained on any lot, except the usual house­hold pets; and, in such cases, the pets shall be so kept and maintained as not to become an unreasonable annoyance or nuisance to other residents in the development by reason of movement, noise or odor.


(120) No kennel shall be established in the development.


(121) A kennel is defined as housing more than two (2) dogs.


(122) All utility connections shall be a type approved by the Developers.


(123) Only current licensed motor vehicles or travel trailers may be parked on any lot at any time.


Rules Relating to Vacation Cottage Sites:


(124) One recreational vehicle, parked or stored per lot, and occupied not over two weeks per year is allowed.


Rules Relating to Recreational Vehicle Sites:


(125) Recreational vehicles must conform with Recreational Vehicle Institute Code and display seal of same.






(126) The covenants of this Declaration shall run with and bind the land, and shall inure to the benefit of and be enforceable by the Association, or the Owner of any land subject to this Declaration, their respective legal representa­tives, heirs, successors, and assigns, for a term of thirty (30) years from the date this Declaration is recorded, after which time said covenants shall be automatically extended for successive periods of ten (10) years unless an instrument signed by the then-owners of two-thirds of the Lots has been recorded, agreeing to change said covenants in whole or in part.




(127) Any notice required to be sent to any Member or Owner under the provi­sions of this Declaration shall be deemed to have been properly sent when mailed postpaid to the last known address of the person who appears as Member or Owner on the records of the Association at the time of such mailing.




(128) Enforcement of these covenants shall be by any proceeding at law or in equity against any person or persons violating or attempting to violate any Covenant, either to restrain violation or to recover damages, and against the land to enforce any lien created by these covenants; and failure by the Association or any Owner to enforce any covenant herein contained shall in no event be deemed a waiver of the right to do so thereafter.




(129) Invalidation of anyone of these Covenants by judgment or court order shall in no way affect any other provisions which shall remain in full force and effect.




(130) On any occasion that a matter is subject to vote, all lot owners shall be notified of the content and context of the material to be voted upon and have the right to vote by proxy.




(131) Parking of Cars: Parking of cars is permitted only in driveways and desig­nated parking lots.


(132) NO PARKING on roads, road right-of-way, lawns or greenways.


(133) Storage of Boats, Vehicles, Etc.: Boats, boat and or equipment trailers, snowmobiles, toboggans, cycles, all-terrain vehicles, non-licensed motor vehicles or trailers shall not be stored or parked on any lot other than in approved storage sheds and or in the designated storage area.


(134) Open Storage: No open storage of any kind will be allowed on lots, includ­ing under any recreational vehicle and/or decks.


(135) Clotheslines: Clotheslines are permitted only TEMPORARILY for the dry­ing of SWIMSUITS and TOWELS ONLY.


(136) Laundry facilities (washers and dryers) have been provided at the Reception Center and Back Pool for your convenience.


(137) Garbage Disposal: No individual garbage cans are allowed on any lots.


(138) All refuse, garbage, animal waste, etc. must be packaged in plastic bags and tied.


(139) Place bags in dumpster and close cover.


(140) Signs: All signs must conform to the signs now in use and established by the Covenants.


(141) All name signs must be painted either apple green or metallic gold as now in use.


(142) Campfires and Burning: Fires are permitted only in designated pits or fireplaces and not on windy days.


(143) Fires must be totally extinguished when not personally attended.


(144) Fires must be kept at least 20 feet away from L.P. gas bottles.


(145) Warnings by the State of fire danger periods must be heeded.


(146) Pets: All pets are required to be on a walking leash when being exercised away from owner's lot.


(147) Pick up and dispose of any waste dropped by your pet.


(148) All pets are expressly forbidden from the following areas: pool and adjoining area, playground and adjoining area, inside Activities Center or Reception Center.


(149) Quiet Hours: Quiet hours are from 11:00 PM to 7:00 A.M. with the exception of Sunday morning which has been extended to 10:00 A.M.


(150) Be considerate of your neighbors - no lawn mowers, saws, engines, etc.


(151) Curfew: Anyone under 18 years of age, unless accompanied by parent or guardian, must be off the common areas and back to their lot by 11:30 P.M.


(152) Renting:  The renting of any camping unit and or lot in Rock River Leisure Estates is prohibited.


(153) Greenways: Please use either the greenways, which are marked, or the roadways when walking through the park.




(155) Roadway Usage and Activities: Speed limit is 10 M.P.H. for all vehicles, including pedal bikes.


(156) All motorized vehicles (golf carts, mopeds, etc.) can be operated only by people possessing valid driver's license.


(157) All vehicles must have a headlight and taillight operational after sunset.


(158) Motorcycles may be used only to enter and leave the park, directly to and from your lot.


(159) Mini-bikes and trail bikes are prohibited in the park.


(160) All power vehicles (excluding cars and trucks) that are operated within the park must be registered and licensed by the office for a fee.


(161) All bicycles must have lights and reflectors and must obey the 10 M.P.H. speed limit.


(162) All motorized vehicles are prohibited from all green common areas.


(163) Use of skate boards, roller skates, any form of un-motorized vehicles, toys, and playing in the roadway is prohibited.


(164) Operation of snowmobiles is allowed under controlled conditions.


(165) Evi­dence of insurability is required.


(166) Licensing of Trailers: Only current licensed motor vehicles or travel trailers may be parked on any lot at any time.

(167) 100LB. L.P. TANKS: 100 Ib.L.P. tanks must be painted brown and are not allowed between May 15 and October 15.


(168) Park manager will remove any tanks remaining after May 15, and property owner will be fined $5.00.


(169) Number of Recreational Vehicles per Lot: No second recreational vehicle (camping unit) may be parked or stored on any lot.


(170) One small tent or two "pup tents" will be allowed on an owner's lot for sleeping accommodations.


(171) Tents must be removed if the property owner leaves the site for more than 24 hours.


(172) A tent situated on a platform is of a semi-permanent nature and is not allowed.


(173) Guest Camping:  Guest camping units are permitted only in guest camping area.


(174) Reservations will be accepted at the office no more than 30 days in advance on a first-come basis.


(175) A campsite can be reserved for a maximum of seven (7) consecutive days with a request to the board necessary for a longer period.


(176) The reservation fee is currently $3.00 per night but subject to change with 30 days notice.


(177) Arrangements for meeting guests and directing them to their assigned campsite will be the responsibility of the respective property owner.


(178) A copy of the guest camping reservation form must be placed in a visible location on the camping unit.


(179) Guest Drive-in Policy: Owners expecting guests should notify office in advance of arrival of guests.


(180) Upon arrival, guests must register at office in Reception Center, giving name, address, and vehicle license number.


(181) Members entertaining guests are responsible for their guests' conduct, observance of all rules, and any charges incurred by their guests.


(182) Tennis Courts: Tennis shoes are the only footwear to be worn on the courts.


(183) Skateboards, roller skates, bicycles, and toys are prohibited on the courts.


(184) Place in line is established by placing a racket on the peg board provided.


(185) When a court opens, players first in line take the courts, and players waiting move rackets ahead one position.


(186) When a court opens, if players who are next in line are not ready to take the court, they may pass without losing their position, and the next players in line take the court.


(187) If players are waiting, play is limited to one hour.


(188) Swimming Pools: The pools are COMMUNITY pools and are to be used ONLY by owners and their guests.


(189) No solo swimming.


(190) Swim at your own risk.


(191) On inclement days, and for general safety, the park manager or pool attendant has the authority to close and/or clear the pool and area.


(192) Take shower before entering pool.


(193) Only swimming suits are permitted in the pool.


(194) No one wearing street clothes will be allowed in the water. NO CUT-OFFS!!


(195) No food or beverage is allowed within the pool area.


(196) Absolutely no glass allowed in pool area.


(197) No horseplay, running on pool deck, rough-housing, or cannon-balling shall be permitted at any time.


(198) Diving, except from the end of the diving board or edge of pool in deep water, is prohibited.


(199) Jumping off side of the diving board is prohibited.


(200) No one wearing any form of floatation device is permitted to use the diving board or jump into deep water.


(201) The use of frisbees, balls, inner tubes, scuba diving equipment, or any inflated objects is prohibited.


(202) Waterwings are permitted under controlled conditions.


(203) Only Coast Guard approved life jackets are permitted in the pool.


(204) Loud or profane language in the pool area is prohibited.


(205) Children under seven (7) and any child who cannot swim MUST be accom­panied by an adult in and around pool at all times.


(206) Children between the ages of seven (7) and twelve (12) may use the pool without adult accompaniment ONLY if a SWIMMING PERMIT has been signed by parent.


(207) Permits are available in the office at the Reception Center.


(208) Pool rules are posted.


(209) All owners and guests are expected to observe them.


(210) The pool attendant is there for SUPERVISION - NOT baby sitting!


(211) Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children, and it is their responsibility to see that their children observe the rules.


(212) Those who do not observe the posted rules and the direct orders of the pool attendant can be told to leave the pool area for a specified period of time.


(213) For the purpose of security and to insure that only property owners in good standing, members of their households and authorized guests use the swimming pools, identification tags will be required of all individuals using the pools commencing with the 1982 swimming season.


(214) Governing Laws: All State of Wisconsin and local laws shall be observed at all times while in the park.



(216) General Conduct: Parents are advised to set a good example for children and guests.


(217) Parents will be held responsible for the conduct, control, and supervision of their children.


(218) Parents will be held responsible for the observance of the Covenants and Rules by their children.


Use of Drugs/ Alcoholic Beverages:


(219) Use of illegal drugs is a violation of the law; therefore, use of drugs is strictly prohibited.


(220) Violators will be referred to the local authorities for prosecution.


(221) Consumption of alcoholic beverages on Rock River Leisure Estates com­mon ground is not permitted, except that the Board may issue a permit for consumption of alcoholic beverages on common ground when in conjunc­tion with sanctioned events.


Tip-out/Slide-out Units:


(222) Full-length tip-out/slide-out units are permitted upon application through the Architectural and Park Committee on appropriate forms provided, however, the useable floor space (plan) does not exceed 320 square feet and they otherwise comply with all other Rules and Covenants.


(223) Approval of the application and issuance of the permit is required prior to the unit being allowed into the Park.


(224) Additions or alterations to the exterior of a unit as manufactured and screening of porches is prohibited.


Trailer/RV Supports:


(225) Any commercially manufactured jack is permitted for the support of all trailers or RVs.


(226) Any other form of support shall not be buried in the ground or be otherwise made permanent; shall be spaced not less than 24 inches apart; shall not present the appearance of skirting; shall not exceed 4 inches by 4 inches sectionally and shall be painted brown to match the authorized color for decks and sheds.