June 4, 1977




(001) An Improvement Permit must be obtained before any architectural improvements begin.


(002) Free applications for Permits may be obtained at the office. Normally, approval will be granted within 10 days.


(003) A sketch of the improvement, with material list and in­dicated site location will be necessary before an Improve­ment Permit will be issued.


(004) The only buildings allowed on RV sites are wooden non­-dwellings and they must be architecturally approved.


(005) Wood storage sheds cannot exceed 100 square feet and be a maximum of 8 feet high from floor to peak of the roof.


(006) Basic foundation shall be no more than 6 inches above ground.


(007) Length or width cannot exceed 12 feet.


(008) They are to be con­structed with rough sawn board and batten or reverse board and batten.


(009) The design should be one of the three established patterns already in use, or comparable.


(010) Two dark brown stains have been approved - Cabot Mission Brown #0134 and Olympic Russet stain, or equivalent.


(011) The roof should be dark brown.


(012) Garages, boat houses, animal shelters and other structures are not approved on RV sites.


(013) Wood decks must have wooden supports and cannot exceed 300 square feet, with one dimension not to exceed 30 feet.


(014) They are to be stained with Olympic #708 semi-transparent (non-rub off) or equivalent.


(015) Concrete patios cannot exceed 300 square feet, with one di­mension not to exceed 30 feet.


(016) Hard surfaced driveways are encouraged.


(017) These can only be blacktop and not concrete.


(018) All improvements are to be made of wood (except for concrete patios and blacktop drives), must have architectural approval, site approval, and be completed within 30 days.


(019) Screened enclosures are allowed.


(020) They must be manufactured soft material and (non add-a-room) can be attached to an RV awning.


(021) All screen enclosures must be stored out of sight when owner is leaving the park for more than 24 hours.


(022) Recreational Vehicles are to remain in mobile condition.


(023) No cement blocks or other permanent type supports are allowed.


(024) Park model RV's cannot exceed 8 1/2  feet in width.


(025) Tip-out rooms, fold-out rooms and slide-out rooms will not be approved.


(026) Snowmobiles, toboggans, golf carts, cycles; all terrain vehicles, garden/lawn and similar equipment are to be stored in approved sheds.


(027) No storage is to be made under decks or recreational vehicles.


(028) No sign larger than one square foot is allowed on any lot except for those placed there by the developer.


(029) No more than 25% of a lot may be cleared for improvements.


(030) No foliage shall be removed within five (5) feet of a lot line.


(031) No living tree larger than four (4) inches in dia­meter shall be removed.


(032) Only one guest camper unit (travel trailer, motor home, tent, etc.) per site is permitted with board of directors approval for a maximum stay of 2 weeks per year for each different camping unit.


(033) No second camping unit may be stored on a site.


(034) Small metal stakes mark the four corners of each lot.


(035) No other lot line definition is allowed.


(036) No fencing of any type is allowed.


(037) This includes small decorative type fencing used to define lot lines or for other purposes.


(038) All RV locations and all buildings, decks, sheds, etc. shall be located at least twenty-five (25) feet from the road right-of-way, and ten (10) feet from any lot line.


(039) On Ellendale Road, the setback shall be fifty (50) feet from the public right-of-way.


(040) All site structures must recognize the easements which are 15 feet in width along both sides of all right-of-way, 7 1/2 feet in width along the side lines of each lot, and 10 feet along the rear lot line.


(041) No individual garbage cans are allowed on the property.


(042) 100# LP tanks must be painted brown and are not allowed between May 15th and October 15th.


(043) Rock River Leisure Estates is a very special campground.


(044) Each of these guidelines was written in a sincere effort to maintain the beauty of the land in its unspoiled condition.


(045) It is our responsibility as owners to see that nothing creeps in to detract from our investment here and our enjoyment of this natural beauty.


(046) Every specification and all future interpretation of these guidelines; will be made to protect and enhance future property values.