Rock River Leisure Estates

530 E. Ellendale Road

Edgerton, WI 53534





June 25, 1998




Mr. Brian Cook

304 S. Hadsall Street

Genoa, IL 60135




Dear Mr. Cook:


(001) Your letter of August 1, 1997 to the Rock River Leisure Estate Board of Directors refers.


(002) Being that the previous Board, to the best of our knowledge, didnít formally respond to your letter, we are assuming the responsibility of doing so.


(003) We regret that it has taken this long and we hope you will accept our sincere apology for the delay.


(004) To that end, the current Board has chosen the same venue to respond.


Paragraph No# 1:

(005) You are correct that all structures on Common Areas shall be limited to those owned by the Association.


(006) I refer you to the April Review of 1998 where you will find an open letter to all Association members to remove any structures they have located on Common Areas.


Paragraph No# 2:


(007) This issue is in the hands of the Association members attorney until such time as is resolved through the courts.


Paragraph No# 3:


(008) Was the road on your property when you bought it?


(009) If so, (and it is our understanding that it was) then the issue should have been addressed to the person(s) from whom you purchased the property.


(010) It is up to the party buying the property to obtain a plat showing the lot lines.


(011) Nevertheless, the road was in its present location long before you purchased your lot.


Paragraph No.# 4:

(012) Article Three - The Association shall and does provide garbage collection.However, recyclable items now require a special pick-up, this was not the case originally, hence we must now pay for recycling individually.


(013) Article Three - Use of Association money used for the Law Suit by a few property owners.


(014) This Board has disassociated the Association members from the suit and it is our understanding the suit is funded by those individual property owners involved in the suit.


(015) Covenants Article VI Section 4 - Those who have more than one recreational vehicle on their lot have been advised to remove one of them to comply.


(016) This has not been fully achieved to date, however, it will be enforced.


(017) To address the second part of your reference.


(018) Any recreational vehicle, including Park Models and other units on wheels, axles and frames with an RVRA rating irrespective of square footage, qualify as an RV.


(019) Covenants Article VI Section 4 - Recreational Vehicle shall not be used as a Permanent residence.


(020) If one leaves their unit for 14 days within a 365-day period, it may be interpreted that they are not using the facility as a permanent residence.


(021) As for exceeding 400 sq. ft., if any Association member chooses to place an add-on room to their RV, which complies with the Associations Architectural Committee guidelines, the 400 sq. ft., has no bearing.


(022) Park Models are built, in general, to a 386 sq. ft. standard.


(023) This too is an RVRA Rating standard.


(024) Covenants Article III, Section I. (III) There have been Boat Docks in place since RRLE was established by itís developers.


(025) Further, the Boat Docks are the only major, self-funding entity in the park which does not need Association funds to function.


(026) To our knowledge the Pavilion was primarily funded through private donations and limited Associations funds.


(027) These are the opinions of the Board of Directors on the issues stated in your letter.


(027) Again our sincere apologies for the delay in responding to your letter.







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