(001) Dear Ms. Gruspier,


(002) Thank you for your letter concerning the campground classification of Rock River Leisure Estates.


(003) Our department has been recently reviewing this issue.


(004) In the past your facility was licensed as a campground with greater than 200 sites.


(005) The definition of a campground is a parcel of land designed for the purpose of providing sites for non-permanent overnight use by 4 or more camping units or by 1-3 camping units if the parcel of land is represented as a campground.


(006) The lots in Rock River Leisure Estates are owned individually and it is a gated community designed as a planned unit development.


(007) In other words the trailers on individually owned lots do not meet the definition of a campground.


(008) There is an area of campground at Rock River Leisure Estates behind the swimming pool and shelter house with the intended use as a campground.


(009) In this regard Rock River Leisure Estates would still be licensed as a campground, but only for 1-25 sites.


(010) We will make this change to our records and mail you the permit fee for the 2002-2003 fiscal year.


(011) If you have any questions concerning this issue, please contact our office at 757-5441.


(012) Sincerely,          


(013) Timothy C. Banwell


(014) Environmental Health Director


(015) Rock County Health Department


(016) cc: Town of Fulton


(017) Rock River Leisure Estates, Inc.