Town Clerk


Edgerton, Wisconsin 53534



Board or Directors

Rock River Leisure Estates


Dear Sirs:


(001) This letter is to certify what was discussed at a meeting with Bob Wirt last summer.


(002) It con­cerned the rigid awnings on the RV's, as to what kind would be assessed.


(003) I said I would not assess an awning that was manufactured as a true accessory to the RV.


(004) By that I mean an RV's concept is for mobility.


(005) I feel that all these units must be able to be assembled and disassembled easily and quickly.


(006) In my yearly inspection of the Rock River Leisure Park, I could see some problems that could arise if these units get developed to the point that they no longer meet the concept of mobility.


(007) As an example of what I mean: Glassing in the awning unit, heating the awning unit, putting down floor coverings etc.


(008) Then the awning units and RV's will be assesed.


(009) When improvements change the easy mobility of the RV, it will also be assessed.




Clifford Swann

Town of Fulton Assessor