May 9,2008


(001) In rebuttal to the misinformation in the letter I received from Ernie Moon and Ray Jachim, dated April 20, 2008.


(002) I am as embarrassed to write this, as you probably are to receive it.


(003) The continued childish, untruthful and petty behavior of a couple of our current and past board members has got to stop!


(004) In the letter I received it was stated that some of our current board members were in "direct violation of the RRLE covenants for being, what Ernie and Ray believe are permanent residents.


(005) Well, as I see it, all but approximately 5 trailers are in direct violation of RRLE covenants as well.


(006) I believe most trailers are park models, with skirting and additions, making them larger than 8 feet wide, no hitches and/or tires that would allow said trailers to be moved off the lot within one hour of being notified to do so.


(007) This includes our current President, Rick G. and Bob Buckley, again in direct violation of the covenants!


(008) Is this ok because it suites the purpose of the handful of trouble makers that have done nothing but continually upset the tranquility and peace of this park by constantly getting themselves into our business?


(009) It's so sad that they have nothing better to do with themselves but get into our business.


(010) Also, the way I understand it, Rick Josephson quit, which left this park in disarray.


(011) Obviously Ernie and Ray must not have spoke with an attorney, when they stated that Rick gave up his remaining years of his salary because of his concerns for RRLE's financial situation, when you quit you give up the rights to any remaining salary!


(012) As far as I am concerned he violated his contract with RRLE, so if anyone had the right to pursue litigation in this matter, I would not think it would be Rick, but RRLE pursuing litigation.

(013) Also, the "illegal meeting that took place with Fulton Township was with our President, Rick, not on our behalf" also Bob Buckley, Rick Josephson and members of Fulton township.


(014) I understand that this is not only illegal in regard to the Township having a closed meeting, but as far as I am concerned the current President, Rick G. and Bob Buckley should be forced to resign.


(015) Next it is obvious that with Rick Josephson attending said meeting, he again, as far as I am concerned, has a conflict of interest which should preclude him from any possibilities of being RRLE's park manager.


(016) Who is responsible for the termination of Nick page, not only for the damages he has done, but lack of experience etc.


(017) I should think that would fall in the direction of the Board president.


(018) How long will you let this continue?


(019) Have you even done anything as far as searching for a competent park manager?


(020) I was also told that personal information was taken from RRLE's office of individuals that are believed to be permanent residence.


(021) This would be in direct violation of my privacy if this indeed took place.


(022) I am checking into this and will have an answer.


(023) If this happened whom ever did it will be sued, for sure, by me and I am certain others.


(024) I am completely embarrassed by the actions of our president Rick G., Bob Buckley, Dave Anderson and the rest of the vigilantes' that have nothing better to do but to keep there nose in my business.


(025) I believe this is a very beautiful park.


(026) I do not understand why these few people have to make it so internally ugly.


(027) Just leave well enough alone and mind your own business, you know who you are!


(028) I am ashamed of you.




Collette Gohde