May 8, 2011



To all property owners of Rock River Leisure Estates, the ballots that were sent to you to change the annual dues and according to the Board of Directors passed.   This is not true as on the day they counted the ballots it did not pass, as they did not have enough votes to pass it, that should have ended it, but not with this board, they are bound and determined to get this increase.  So what do the do, they go out the next day to get additional votes.   This is illegal.


When there’s a vote, shouldn’t it be over once the votes are counted?


Why did the Secretary come to our door the day after the board meeting, that it was announced that the vote had failed, and tell us that we didn’t vote and asked us to vote when we had voted.  As I understand it, they should know who voted but not who was voted for.


We heard that at least one person was talked into changing his vote, we question how they even knew how he voted?



They are using your money to sue yourselves, does this make sense.  Only the property owners of the lots can stop this.   A dues increase is feasible if it done right and this certainly wasn’t done according to the rules.


They are threatening to turn off your water if you do not pay the additional $100.00, if they do that then the co-op will suffer because the people will not pay the co-op fee. Also the board of health will be contacted and this will be more money in the lawyer’s pockets.


The easiest way to solve this problem in to have a new vote by sending out new ballots, if it’s done legally it most likely will pass.  But try to convince this board of that.


So people it all up you.  This is a wonderful park and the majority of the people are great there is no need for this kind of anger and mistrust to go on.



                                                                                                    Mary Geimer