May 8, 2008


To All RRLE property Owners:


(001) I see there's a letter put out and signed by Ray Jachim and Ernie Moon.


(002) I'm glad that Ray Jachim admits to being a past President of the Board of Directors.


(003) The reason for this is that when my wife and I moved into Rock River Leisure Estates, he was an absentee president.


(004) This means that he resided outside the park and only controlled things in the park from Illinois, except on weekends, like most of the past presidents.


(006) Another thing I would like to bring out is that when we bought and moved in, we told anyone that we talked to that we were going to live here year around, starting with the then office manager Karen O'Rourke.


(007) She told us that it was in the Covenants that there was no year around living in the park, but that others were doing it.


(008) Where was Mr. Jachim then?


(009) His own office manager saying it was against the Covenants but others were doing it so she saw no reason we couldn't.


(010) These past presidents keep calling these RV Lots.


(011) They stopped being RV Lots a long time ago when they allowed non RV's on the lots.


(012) It was proven again in the Wisconsin Supreme Court decision in 2002 that these were not RV lots.


(013) Just because the wording in the covenants hasn't been changed to keep up with the times, doesn't mean that these are RV lots.


(014) If they are RV lots lets see all Park Models (manufactured homes) removed from the park along with the duel trailers, additions and roof overs.


(015) Then move in real RV's, travel trailers, fifth wheels and motor homes.


(016) Let's see Mr. Jachim and Mr. Moon be the first to comply with this and move out what they have on their lots now and go to either trailers, motor homes or fifth wheels.


(017) These two say the stated position of several of them (four individuals elected to the board) was to force Rick Josephson to leave his position as Park Manager and encourage permanent living.


(018) At the time I did not have any such stated position and I hadn't heard of any of the others with it either.


(019) I have never encouraged permanent living as I have felt it's an individual decision.


(020) I have in my possession an E-mail from Rick Guiborat where he states that he, and I quote "I also did run for the board with the intent of firing Rick."


(021) This e-mail was dated Monday, March 03, 2008 12:15 PM.


(022) So it seems Rick Guiborat might be one of the several that Ray and Ernie are talking about.


(023) They say that "Reacting to criticism publicly and calls for resignation from some of these newly elected board members; Rick Josephson resigned as RRLE Manager in October 2007, after more than 13 years on the job."


(024) Criticism? When the Board of Directors from the years 2004, 2005 and 2006 gave him an unfavorable evaluation, I think they were giving him an unfavorable criticism.


(025) And then I'm told he was put on probation in 2004.


(026) This evidently didn't do any good as he received the bad reports in the next two years.


(027) They state "It should be noted that Mr. Schumert and reportedly some of the above four board members rejected several offers from Rick Josephson to help them with his expertise even after he resigned."


(028) The only offer I know of, is where he offered to do it for $600.00, when he should have done it before his last month was up.


(029) Then they talk about the ones that attended the Fulton Township meeting.


(030) The only reason for attending the meeting was because someone in the park put RRLE on the agenda.


(031) That person should be blamed for taking RRLE business out of the park.


(032) They stated "However, these three 2007 elected board members, who still are on the board, have sought, and continue to prevent, any constructive action on these and other important issues."


(033) If the ones that keep the permanent residents issue alive, would let the issue die, then everyone could concentrate more on keeping the park going.


(034) I for one am not trying to run the park from out of state, except for weekends and sometimes a week here and there, like some others are doing.


(035) Bob Sarto, Nick and I analyzed the installing of the loft sink.


(036) After studying it out we got as far as drilling a hole in the ceiling from down below.


(037) We then found that there is about 11" of concrete.


(038) We then decided to have Nick get three estimates and if the best one were reasonable enough, we would recommend to the board to use them.


(039) If they weren't, then we would do most of the work till a plumber was needed.


(040) Then there is the mailbox problem.


(041) The second bank from the outside door had a broken lock.


(042) It had been fixed by Harry and by Nick a number of times.


(043) This time Nick shopped around and said he couldn't find a lock.


(044) I shopped around and found one, installed it, but found that the receiver hole was way to big and that is why it was breaking so much.


(045) I came up with a solution to make the hole smaller.


(046) Another area is the 12 acres that the farmer rented in the past.


(047) My wife and I went to Rock County and obtained the layout of it.


(048) With this, Bob Tirjer was able to mark off the borders.


(049) Karen in the office was having trouble with the computer.


(050) Bob Sarto and I looked into it and shopping around, we came up with a high-speed service, unlimited long and local phone calls among other things.


(051) Twice I was called upon by the office to come down and sign checks so the venders could get paid and park employees could get their paychecks.


(052) Bob Sarto, Bob Tirjer and I met with the men from the Commerce Dept. about the Upper Pool.


(053) One of them gave Nick and I the name and phone number of Glen Jones.


(054) Glen Jones was able to furnish us with a list of names of people that do drawings of pools, which we would need for the repairs.


(055) After numerous calls, Nick found one that we needed and is working on it.


(056) Isn't this a better way to approach this, then the way our "Absentee" president did, and I quote from his e-mail of April 29, 2008, "Niether of the pools can be opened this year."


(057) By doing the things I've listed above, does that sound like I'm dwelling on Permanent Living in the park.


(058) I, as others, am tired of all the harassment we have gone through for all these years.


(059) A few of us went to see an attorney, he told us to do nothing.


(060) But, if anyone should take action against us, then we should contact him.


(061) So I invite the "Over Site Committee", or do they call themselves the "Over Site Group" now, anyway, if they want to bring action against us, we'll meet them head on.


(062) Our attorney may use a court case that a lot owner e-mailed me about.


(063) He said that in his community, where he resides in the winter, they had a rule that no children were allowed.


(064) It seems someone had a child live with them for a time.


(065) They took that person to court to get rid of the child.


(066) The outcome was that they waited too long to enforce it, so now kids are allowed.


(067) Isn't that like allowing people to live here since the park opened, and now they think they can enforce it.


(068) I don't think so.


Don Geimer