Rick, Daryl, Ray, Bob, Nancy and Karen


(001) I was at a meeting at the maintenance building this morning.


(002) Bob Sarto, Gary Chamberlain, Bob Tirjer, Kris Enger and Mike Simmons met with Harry Szatkiewicz, Rick Josephson and Nick Page.


(003) They are interested in the back pool and would like to see it fixed as soon as possible.


(004) It was brought out that we should check with our insurance company.


(005) I called the insurance company and they had an adjuster out in a matter out in hours.


(006) We have to wait for their results.


(007) But we don't have to wait to fix it.


(008) The group wants the repair to go ahead as soon as possible.


(009) It was point out that this is a repair and not a major project.


(010) An example was given that if the main road into the park was torn up, we wouldn't wait for a board meeting to fix it, but would fix it right away.


(010) I would like to get everybody's o.k. to tell Rick and Nick to go ahead and get it fixed.


(011) I hope to hear from everybody soon.


Item two:


(012) Karen Morovits mentioned that she would like to have a doorway put in between the office and the Park Manager's office.


(013) She said that the Park Manager doesn't really use the office and it's really just going to waste.


(014) Bob Sarto and I could do this without too much trouble.



Item three:


(015) Karen has been having a lot of trouble with getting into the park's e-mail.


(016) She hasn't been able to get into it for days now.


(017) She looked into high speed servers, Charter Cable and Centurytel.


(018) Charter would cost quite a bit as they would have to run a underground cable quite a distance, including under two roads and the cost would be passed on to the park.


(019) Centurytel would give a package deal with high speed internet with unlimited local and long distance service.


(020) We already have Centurytel for our local phone service.


(021) We would eliminate Ticon and M.C.I., our present long distance server.


(022) She also said it would be cheaper so she is switching the service.


(023) I hope to hear your feelings on the pool right away, to try to have it opened the first part of May.