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(001) This letter is to inform you that I was invited to speak to your constituents last Saturday, April 26th, 2008.


(002) The participants had questions about if the Town of Fulton had enforcement powers.


(003) Somehow they have been misled that we don't have powers, where in fact we do.


(004) We are the local governing body for the Town of Fulton for most matters.


(005) I conveyed this to the persons who attended the meeting, and advised them when situations arise where the town is not functioning according to our ordinances, it is our job to be sure to act on them in a timely manner.


(006) In regards to the discussion of issuing a deed restriction for when a person moves out from permanent dwelling / residence, the deed restriction could be completed by your attorney, and reviewed by our attorney.


(007) A suggestion would be that you could vote on it at one of your meetings.


(008) I discussed this with your legal counsel this past November both in a meeting and with a couple of brief phone conversations with him.


(009) To this date I have had no correspondence from him on this.


(010) What procedures should the town follow to get a timely response from your legal counsel?


(011) It is my understanding with your present voting laws; it would be difficult to act on this permanent dwelling/residence issue on short notice.


(012) This issue needs to be addressed with your association at its annual meetings to discuss and approve a mutually acceptable definition of permanent dwelling/residence.


(013) Would you please keep me advised of your progress?


(014) If in about 6 months if you do not have a working draft showing satisfactory progression in this issue, I will be placing it on the agenda for the Town Board of the Town of Fulton to define the language of permanent dwelling/residence in the Town of Fulton.


(015) If at any time during the procedure you would like to go over ideas with the Town of Fulton or myself, we would be happy to discuss them with you as it is your internal by-laws that you will be clarifying and enacting.


(016) The Town of Fulton encourages you to take care of your own internal affairs.


(017) I look forward to a cooperative effort for a satisfying resolution to these issues.




Evan Sayre

Town Chairman