To: RRLE Board of Directors

July 29, 2007


(001) It grieves me to be in this position, that is, compelled to write in protest because of several recent actions by this park's board of directors.


(002) However, I believe inaction to be the greater evil in this case.


(003) With that said, here are my objections:

(004) (1) The recent ballot on changes to the Covenants regarding rental units.


(005) It appears the board is attempting to change the covenants in order to satisfy some board members' personal agenda.


(006) After all, how many rental situations do we have in our park?


(007) Why would we limit rental to children??


(008) What about other family members?


(008) How in the world could this be enforced?


(010) Why didn't I see any summary of discussion about this item in the RRLE Review?


(011) (2) The above ballot was followed up by what I consider to be the most confusing, misguided, "poll" I've ever seen!


(012) There's an old axiom that says "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with b--" and it seems to be appropriate in this case.


(013) Why don't you check your facts before publishing what should be termed a "chicken little" scenario!


(014) To me, the most valuable question that could be asked would be: "do you believe we should allow full time residents in this park?"


(015) Instead we get a boat-load of useless misinformation with four different questions.


(016) Why do you think the park would need to revise its PUD status?


(017) Do you realize that a PUD is an 'overlay' of an existing zoning ordinance, and that this property is NOT ZONED?


(018) That means the Covenants of this park are the "zoning" ordinances, and they don't need to be changed concerning year-round living.


(019) Trying to get the township involved is dangerous and unneeded!


(020) The Board also has a problem with the definition of year-round living because it refers to RV lots, and every park model installed on an RV lot in this park violated the RV lot rules!


(021) We don't have RV lots anymore, because there aren't any RV's on them.


(022) I find it curious that the board has obsessed on this topic.


(023) It leads me to think that there's something else going on.


(024) The Board's threats concerning year-round living have actually caused several people to sell and move from the park.


(020) (3) Finally, there is an apparent character assassination in progress, propagated by the Board of Directors.


(020) Just who in the world do you think you are, that you can publicly accuse one of our park residents with theft of park property with no proof?


(020) And YOU claim YOU'RE disrespected?


(020) Most of you will be relinquishing your rolls as board members this fall.

To that I say:




cc: Friends of the Park