Date: August 8, 2009

To: All RRLE Home Owners

From: Jon Strang, Office Manager


(001) There have been rumors that I stole the ballot box or did something with it.


(002) I DID NOT.


(003) It was removed by Joe Rupprecht the board president and put in the park managers' office for safekeeping as the election was called off.


(004) I do not have a key to that office and told them I do not want one for the reason stated above.


(005) Secondly, in regards to the election ballots.


(006) I have heard various stories that I was responsible for them.




(008) The only ballots I did were the legal pink ballots that were put out by the board of directors and election committee after the candidates were nominated and resumes received.


(009) That ballot called for the election of six (6) directors and was to be received in the office by 4pm Friday before the election as was always done.


(010) This ballot is also in the computer as it was set up to be used when ever there will be an election.


(011) I did not send out the second yellow/green ballot.


(012) Ernie Moon and Karen Morovits brought it to me.


(013) They instructed me to make copies for them to be sent out.


(014) I told them that the ballots were already out but they said those were not valid because we now needed to elect seven not six directors.


(015) They also asked for envelopes and I supplied what I had.


(016) I did this under duress as I felt it was wrong.


(017) They took the ballots to the loft as I had them ready.


(018) Ernie and Bob came down at times to collect more as I finished copying them.


(019) Ernie Moon, Karen Morovits, Bob Buckley, Cheryl Oaks and others put them together there and mailed them out.


(020) Now understand that at this time they were not legal board members or election committee.


(021) Thirdly, I was told by Fred Burrow and Ernie Moon that the pink original ballots were to be destroyed.


(022) I refused to do this as I told them if a resident did not receive or send in a yellow/green ballot the pink one needed to be counted otherwise you deprive a member of their legal right to vote.


(023) All pink ballots that I received are unopened and locked up for safekeeping.


(024) Also let it be noted that at a concerned members gathering Fred stood up with both ballots in his hand and said that the pink ballot was the legal ballot not the yellow/green one.


(025) I have also heard and talked to several people who said they had not received the yellow/green ballot.