To All Property Owners of Rock River Leisure Estates


(001) Sunday afternoon, my husband Don Geimer went to deliver a copy of an E-mail sent to him by Rick Guiborat to all board members, since Nancy Schlenz and Karen Bailey do not have computers they are given copies by Don.


(002) While he was there someone on golf cart went by her house and hollered at her that she F--- Up again and that it was going to cost everyone in the park.


(003) He accused her of going to Fulton Township.


(004) She is not the one who went to Fulton Township first, it was Dave Anderson, Rick Guiborat, Ray Jachim and Rick Josephson.


(005) They are the ones who brought Fulton Township into our personal business.


(006) And when they did have their meeting they did not meet at Fulton Township Office they met at the private home of Jim Lindsey, who is a former township Chairman.


(007) The only time she went there was to vote and happened to meet Evan Sayre and he invited her into talk.


(008) This is what the above five people have done to this park.


(009) There have been people living in this park since it opened and for years there were no problems and Dave Anderson, Rick Guiborat, Ray Jachim, Ernie Moon and Rick Josephson, who lives in the park and thinks because he lives on a cottage lot he can live here year around.


(010) The original covenants stated there were three types of lots which were: 5 permanent home sites, Vacation Cottage Lots, which would have to abide by the same rule as the original R V. Lots.


(011) There are no RV. Lots in the park now, other than the guest camping.


(012) In 1991, 138 property owners went to Court to stop the tax change from R V. Lots to real property and in 2002 the Supreme Court of Wisconsin declared the all lots were real property and have been taxed as such since then.


(013) The people who live here pay on their tax bills: State of Wisconsin Tax, Rock County Tax, Town of Fulton Tax, Consolidated Koshkonong Sewer, Edgerton School Tax, TCDB-Blackhawk and Fire District and the final line on our tax bill reads ''Net Property Tax".


(014) This man who made this comment to Nancy this afternoon should be ashamed of himself.


(015) Although it does not surprise me with this group of people as Rick Guiborat's brother Bob used the same word at one of the regular board meetings.


(016) I am not afraid to sign this as I have nothing to be ashamed of, so do not blame the year around people for all the problems in the park, blame the people who started it in the first place, Dave Anderson, Rick Guiborat, Ray Jachim, Ernie Moon and Rick Josephson they are the ones who opened this can of worms.


(017) To blame Nancy Schlenz for all these problems in this park is wrong, she cares more for this park than a lot of people who claim they are doing all this for our benefit, and she will do anything to maintain the friendly place that is was before this group of people took over and blamed everything on her and the year around residents.


Mary Geimer