September 10, 2003











(001) On August 22, 2002, there was a letter sent to all property owners of RRLE.


(002) That letter implied several things including what happened at a Board Meeting on August 10, 2002.


(003) A property owner chose to sit and observe the pre-meeting of the Board and two board members slammed out of the meeting in anger.


(004) They said they resigned from the board.


(005) There are witnesses to the fact that they stated they resigned.


(006) We will not bore you with the details other than to say that from beginning to end, a letter intending to state the "truth" to everyone at RRLE, contained total misinformation concerning various issues.


(007) The letter went out under the signature of Raymond Jachim.


(008) At that time, the Board took no action.


(009) Perhaps it should have but it didn't.


(010) On August 16, 2003, two letters went out to the membership.


(011) One of these was, again, under Ray Jachim's signature, for the unauthorized "RRLE Oversight Committee," dated August 9, 2003.


(012) The RRLE Oversight Committee is not a committee authorized by the Board.


(013) It is a group that meets secretly at various lots; attendance is by invitation only.


(014) There is a list of members.


(015) There are also agendas.


(016) Several people on the list did not realize their names appeared as members of the group.


(017) This smacks of something right out of the McCarthy Era!


(018) A second letter in the August 16, 2003, mailing, indicates that W arren Jendel, Ann Frandel, Frank Kozina, June Amell, John Jay, Pat Phelps and Bob Woodward acknowledge they are members of the unauthorized "RRLE Oversight Committee."


(019) This letter urges "informed citizens" to vote for specific candidates in the election which recently took place on August 30, 2003.


(020) Let's look at the facts:


(021) In 2001, the then-board changed the bylaws to prevent a specific person from being included on the ballot.


(022) The bylaws were reversed last year because, according to the By-Laws, Article III, Section 3. Membership: "The Association may not expel a member under any circumstances."


(023) The philosophy of the Board at that time, 2002, was that citizens of RRLE should decide whether they wanted a person on the Board tbrough their vote.


(024) Karen O'Rourke resigned on February 1, 2003.


(025) At a Meeting with the Board on November 9, 2002, Karen O'Rourke was requested to cease overtime hours.


(026) She was requested to take a reduction in salary, as were other employees of RRLE, due to budgetary constraints.


(027) She then applied for unemployment and it was granted November 2002.


(028) The salary reduction did not take place until January 1, 2003.


(029) Karen O'Rourke continued to get full salary through December 31, 2002, plus unemployment compensation.


(030) Due to massive overtime hours approved by a former board president, she qualified for unemployment in a seasonal, part-time job.


(031) Karen O'Rourke was also asked to fill out the same time study other employees at RRLE are asked to fill out.


(032) The Board wanted to find out why so many overtime hours were necessary during winter months.


(033) It is noted the Oversight Group reviewed the minutes of meetings.


(034) Their letter says Park Manager Rick Josephson has been excluded from decisions made by the Board.


(035) The Oversight Group states there are " biased and slanted meeting minutes."


(036) Why, then, has the Oversight Group referred to the minutes at all?


(037) Park Manager Rick Josephson has a 5-year Contract that signed by Rick Josephson on July 14, 2001.


(038) The Contract amounts to the authorization of a more than $250,000 expenditure over a 5-year period of time.


(039) The Contract is signed by Raymond Jachim on behalf of the RRLE Association.


(040) Park Manager Rick Josephson has consistently been the person the Board turned to for information or bids concerning Park business whenever possible.


(041) The Board requested his feedback on matters every single month.


(042) Current Board members have not "entered into several costly, and in some cases, ill-advised contracts for service without getting more than one bid”, or without consulting the Park Manager.


(043) A list of bids for all work completed is available in the Office or from President Bob Haas.


(044) Those bids include repaving of the blacktop road leading to the back pool (3 bids), fixing of the silo, (3 bids) and the lease of washers and dryers (2 bids for commercial coin machines, rather than standard machines.)


(045) All projects have been discussed a minimum of three meetings before any action is taken or the project is voted upon.


(046) A rough draft of the "Laundry Room Lease/Equipment" letter from Dave Anderson, apparently meant only for the Oversight Group, mentions Craig Hughes.


(047) It was E-Mailed to the RRLE Office on July 16, 2003.


(048) The Board knew of the letter, yet chose to not to respond because the letter was not directed to the Board.


(049) RRLE has not paid anything for washers/dryers.


(050) RRLE is not in the washer/dryer business to make huge profits.


(051) The Board wanted to provide new equipment for members since this project has been "overlooked" consistently every single year prior to 2003.


(052) Dave Anderson wrote to the Board early this past year, indicating he was going to form an Oversight Group.


(053) He has done so.


(054) The information from that group cannot be substantiated.


(055) The information from the Board can be substantiated as fact.