Response to all RRLE Park Members Concerning Vendetta Letter of April 20, 2008 postmarked May 6, 2008.


(001) You guys never give up on the deceit, lies, cruelty or scare tactics, do you?


(002) There were more than enough candidates running in 2007.


(003) At least five (5) of those people weren't chosen by you and you couldn't control them.


(004) You're the guys who want to continue having "Your Way!"


(005) None of the residents have had the agenda you do.


(006) Strange that the membership voted us in, isn't it?


(007) Perhaps the membership is sick and tired of ongoing harassment concerning year 'round living.


(008) Do you guys realize our formal name is Wisconsin's Rock River Leisure Estates Homeowner's Association?


(009) Doesn't it clearly state there is only one class of members in the Association?


(010) Didn't you approve of 400-square-foot Park Model homes with 400-square-foot heated, air-conditioned roof-over additions?


(011) Didn't you allow Charter Cable and Alliant Energy Natural Gas/Electric into the Park?


(012) Just how do you figure individuals living on their properties, -- which has continued since the late 70's, -­create problems at our Park?


(013) The Sewer District has told us our sewers are excellent.


(014) Our wells handle far less water usage during 'the winter months.


(015) RRLE is to remain open 365 days a year and it specifies maintaining and snowplowing roadways in the original Covenants and bylaws.


(016) Article VI of the Bylaws states:  "Association Purposes and Powers - The Board is supposed to promote the health, safety and welfare of the residents within the development."


(017) That means all of the residents.


(018) Please read the rest for yourself.


(019) None of the four board members forced the former Park Manager out.


(020) He told people various reasons about why he was leaving.


(021) It wasn't because anyone had said anything about him at Meet the Candidates in 2007.


(022) I was there. Were you?


(023) Former board members Ray Staley, Ray Jachim and David Anderson walked off the board years ago because there were two people who wanted to sit and observe our pre-meeting.


(024) Both men understood they would not be allowed to participate, verbally.


(025) This infuriated three board members.


(026) They said they were through and walked out of the meeting.


(027) I remember it well.


(028) I was on that board.


(029) The letters began going out through a few of those angry board members at the time.


(030) It was the same attack-mode, different year.


(031) They've continued wanting to control folks on the board.


(032) Last September/October, every board member was requested to interview prospects for Park Manager.


(033) Only one was courteous enough to communicate his unbiased thoughts and ideas the past several months through e-mail.


(034) He also told us he would be gone after our first meeting in September 2007 until May 2008.


(035) There were approximately 10 resumes received.


(036) We interviewed six (6) applicants.


(037) Board members and the general membership were told by the former president there was absolutely no relationship between the newly hired park manager and the former president's daughter.


(038) We believed George Schumert.


(039) We were wrong.


(040) How much time do you guys want to waste on that issue?


(041) All of us have worked very hard, voluntarily, throughout the winter months to keep our park running.


(042) Guess what? We love our park, too and we want the best for our membership.


(043) We rejected an offer from the former park manager to "help with his expertise" after he reigned.


(044) He presented an offer to winterize the pool for $600 approximately two (2) weeks after his final day, Sept. 30, 2007.


(045) He handed the bid to the former president.


(046) We've been told several times by the current Park Manager that winterizing of both pools and bathhouses were good to go.


(047) Which is it?


(048) Our current president Rick Guiborat never challenged Nick Page when Nick claimed pools and bathhouses were winterized.


(048) The former park manager never came to an Association meeting when meetings were held the past 3 months.


(049) Why not?


(050) We were told he had a new business - then we here were told he'd been hired.


(051) We didn't know how much he was getting, or what his hours were.


(052) By the way, committing to a 5-year Park Manager's Contract with automatic, annual increases should have been voted on by the entire membership.


(053) It was not.


(054) And that white truck was purchased, illegally, two (2) years ago -- there weren't enough votes to pass the budget or the truck.


(055) Permanent living must be a thorn in someone's side.


(056) You've mentioned how RRLE is affected negatively - it's being affected negatively because of your letters and you know it!


(057) If you happen to live in a Park Model on your "RV" Lot, as a "snowbird," you're in just as much "hot water" as the rest of us.


(058) That is, unless you can tow that little hummer down the highway like a proper "RV" is towed.


(059) Folks ought to be doggoned glad there are residents.


(060) Nothing would have been done without year 'round residents here to respond to your calls.


(061) David Anderson, Ray Jachim, former park manager Rick Josephson and board president Rick Guiborat took our business out of the Park to a private meeting with Fulton Township Chairman Evan Sayre and former Fulton Township Chairman Jim Lindsley on February 9, 2008.


(062) These men are all against year 'round living on "RV" Lots.


(063) Our Attorney, Jeffrey Roethe, reported Evan Sayre's visits and phone calls to the RRLE board.


(064) We have Roethe's letters.


(065) On February 1,2008, Roethe met with us in his Edgerton office.


(066) He told Rick Guiborat, Don Geimer, Karen Bailey and Nancy Schlenz that he would handle things later in the year at Fulton Township to prevent future problems concerning RRLE.


(067) Instead, President Guiborat ignored Attorney Roethe's advice by going to a private meeting on February 9, 2008.


(068) Guiborat didn't even mention this meeting to three board members until the pre-meeting of February 9, 2008.


(069) He absolutely refused to allow any other current board member to go with him.


(070) He took David Anderson, a former board member, Ray Jachim, another former board member, and Rick Josephson, the former park manager.


(071) Why?


(072) We want the best for our Park.


(073) You voted us in and we've been through hell and back this winter, believe it or not.


(074) We've continued to work, voluntarily -- all of us.


(075) Several are "residents."


(070) Pools will open.


(071) The grounds will be maintained,


(072) The Review will produce income for the Park.


(073) Activities will take place.


(074) The Website will be updated and reinstated.


(075) The truth needs to come out to the entire membership!


(076) Life will go on - but this shadow board cannot and should not continue.