(001) Vol. NO.1, Issue NO.1


(002) It's time to take our park back!


(003) This is the first issue of a new publication, which is going to be handed out to the Home Owners at Rock River Leisure Estates.


(004) Why do we need another "voice" in our park?


(005) Our original publication, The Review, which has been in existence since shortly after RRLE was developed, has lost all credibility.


(006) Pages with large print, too much floating white space, and no real information about many things happening around RRLE translate into why.


(007) Our Property Owner's Forum and the minutes have recently become more BOD "spin," then BOD fact.


(008) The Property Owner's Forum appears to report comments and/or questions attributed to property owners.


(009) It then translates comments and/or questions.


(010) Everything "magically 'morphs" once the meeting tape has been transcribed into print!


(011) We have two completely different "versions" - one if we are sitting in the audience at a BOD meeting; the other when reading The Review.


(012) For example in the May issue of The Review, when the BOD apparently didn't like comments by property owners, the Property Owner's Forum was completely eliminated.


(013) How unfortunate!


(014) Asked by property owners at several meetings, the BOD publicly claimed there was no problem including Rompin' Round" pages into The Review.


(015) Members of the BOD said this in front of people at the meetings.


(016) But we must have a Watergate situation right here in our park.


(017) The tapes didn't include BOD response to a property owner who was questioning it.


(018) In fact, the tape didn't include the property owner at all.


(019) It took several hours to write Rompin'.


(020) Rompin' contained nothing "political or derogatory," which was what the BOD stipulated to the audience.


(021) It did contain praise for the staff and many volunteers at RRLE.


(022) The writer and her friend were told Rompin' would have to come before the BOD for approval at the next (July) BOD meeting.


(023) Other items printed in The Review didn't "come before the BOD."


(024) Oh, well.


(025) The Regulations & Enforcement Committee is, by definition of the 2003 bylaws, authorized to oversee the Common Properties.


(026) Last year the committee began putting everyone on Notice in the November 2006, issue of The Review.


(027) The Committee had become an enforcement power governing permanent living.


(028) It stated people are to vacate their homes at least 2 consecutive months per year.


(029) Now we hear its 4 months.


(030) Further, it was stated in print that residents would be severely fined if they disobeyed this rule.


(031) Two senior families were crushed with this threat and moved out!


(032) Thousands of dollars are being squandered on BOD attorneys for what reason?


(033) We're not allowed to live in our home, year 'round?


(034) We pay real estate taxes year 'round.


(035) We pay home insurance year 'round.


(036) We pay cable year 'round.


(037) We pay sewer year 'round.


(038) We pay utilities year 'round.


(039) RRLE has always remained open and operable year 'round.


(040) Roads have always been plowed year 'round since RRLE first "opened its doors" to sell lots.


(041) We also help to keep the economy rolling in all nearby towns and cities, year 'round.


(042) We can go to Fulton Township and obtain all files at the Township concerning RRLE.


(043) We sign the files out, go through the files in a conference room at Fulton Township Hall in private, and make copies of whatever information we wish at the Township office.


(044) Former BOD members have gone to Fulton Township several times.


(045) We have copies of their letters over the past 16 years.


(046) We have copies of the Township's attorney letters and responses concerning RRLE and our former BOD members.


(047) It makes very informative and interesting reading!


(048) We can't obtain our own files at RRLE unless we make a written request which specifically states we may have to wait a minimum of 48 hours before getting information.


(049) That is, of course, if we are allowed to see anything, ever!


(050) Obviously, it depends on who's doing the requesting!


(051) Information about actual costs from 2006 should have been posted at the front office 60 days after the close of the Association Calendar Year.


(052) Not the Fiscal year, the Calendar year.


(053) "If someone wants to get something done, get on the BOD."


(054) How sad but it seems to be true.


(055) Most people realize that being on the BOD is not a "cake walk" but there has never, in the history of RRLE, been this kind of "confusion."


(056) It's called "smoke and mirrors."


(057) During former years, RRLE invested in "Speed Bumps."


(058) There were so many complaints that the Bumps were removed.


(059) The Board should know this.


(060) Recently RRLE re- bought Speed Bumps, again.


(061) Did someone think if we did the same thing, we'd get different results?


(062) The Speed Bumps were removed because too many people complained.


(063) Nothing changes if nothing changes!


(064) Why aren't we applying money towards maintaining our Common Property?


(065) Why must RRLE purchase equipment - Bigger-Better-More--- Brand New Equipment?


(066) We're not using what we have.


(067) Much of what we've accumulated has been donated by very generous property owners.


(068) Why go out and buy before we make a request to our membership?


(069) A recent Ballot to determine our wishes concerning rentals at RRLE was mailed out in June to every member of the Home Owners' Association because of one or two home owner's rentals.


(070) One prospective landlord is a BOD member and he wanted to rent.


(071) How much did that mailing cost us in terms of materials, time, labor and postage?


(072) The "Ballot" was reproduced as a full page in the June issue of The Review, marked "Sample."


(073) Why waste a page in The Review on a Sample Ballot after it's been mailed out to everyone?


(074) To quote from the Original Declaration of Covenants, Rules and Board of Directors Policy Guidelines: "Renting: The renting of any camping unit and/or lot in Rock River Leisure Estates is prohibited."


(075) That pretty much says it all.


(076) During the following years, reprints of the "Rules," dropped "No Rentals." "No Renting" was always an unspoken "Rule" at RRLE.


(077) Why bring it up and call everyone's attention to it?


(078) Does someone want to rent their home now?


(079) Many of us failed to read the letter reproduced in The Review, dated April 2006.


(080) It was sent out to real estate brokers, agents, title companies and attorneys.


(081) It was signed by the BOD.


(082) The letter (attached) states the "majority" of folks at RRLE do not want certain things.


(083) Did anyone ask you about what you did, or didn't want before this letter was sent out?


(084) The Annual Budget was not produced in spring when everyone is at RRLE to go over the budget and express their opinion, or challenge some of the proposed costs.


(085) Instead it appeared last year in The Review, October 2006.


(086) The Budget for 2007-2008 was voted upon at the November 2006, BOD meeting.


(087) It did not contain any information about actual costs to run RRLE during the prior year.


(088) How can you understand a budget unless you see what has actually been spent the past year?


(089) There were more than 50 people at the November 2006, BOD meeting.


(090) The majority of people were against accepting the proposed budget.


(091) The secretary announced he had received more than 90 proxies -- approving the budget.


(092) He did not open envelopes in front of members at the November meeting.


(093) He did not count ballots at the November meeting.


(094) He announced totals.


(095) Legally, he should have opened and counted all ballots.


(096) RRLE has exactly the same number of sites today as it had when it opened.


(097) Residents living here fulltime are responsible for a multitude of projects being done throughout each year!


(098) In past years, BOD members and others call people living here fulltime to ask whether their home is o.k. during the winter months.


(099) Some of us want to check our worries at the front gate and party during our time here.


(100) Others don't wish to be bothered trying to help "run" things.


(101) That's your option and we can appreciate where you're coming from.


(102) Several of us work to improve our facilities, our amenities and our communication at RRLE.


(103) We applaud you.


(104) You know who you are.


(105) Many of us see the BOD displaying an abuse of power and authority.


(106) If we don't like the way things are, we need to "step up to the plate" and make sure that things are done properly.


(107) Advertising (which once was meant to defray the costs of printing/mailing The Review) is practically non-existent.


(108) Why?


(109) The Review is often delayed - and not just because of copier problems.


(110) The Review has had, in the past, a schedule each month which, several years ago, was adhered to.


(111) The Review was not held up for one reason or another, because of the BOD.


(112) It was printed throughout most of the winter months.


(113) It informed everyone about what was going on at RRLE.


(114) Most BOD meetings were scheduled during winter months as well as spring/summer/fall.


(115) BOD members now suspend regular BOD meetings, perhaps to suit their vacation schedules?


(116) This translates into no BOD meetings, no Review, no information for 4 months.


(117) Items on the Agenda remain, month after month.


(118) Some items have continued year after year.


(119) Of course, it appears to depend upon who's doing the requesting.


(120) It appears there is a lot of favoritism going on at RRLE.


(121) If you're on the positive side of a BOD member, it's great.


(122) If not, too bad for you.


(123) You'll wait for everything you request.


(124) New property owners have been intimidated when they are handed a recently-produced document to sign, which is then Notarized.


(125) It eliminates their option of retirement at RRLE, and could easily be challenged if taken to Court.


(126) By the way, current bylaws are not valid.


(127) They were voted upon only by a former BOD.


(128) They must be voted upon by the entire association.


(129) This BOD has overstepped its bounds.


(130) Property owned by an individual belongs to that individual.


(131) RRLE is zoned as a Planned Unit Development.


(132) The actual and/or legal definition of a PUD does not appear to be the same as the BOD definition .


(133) The BOD is supposed to hear and respond to all views of Wisconsin's Rock River Leisure Estates Home Owners Association members.


(134) Does this BOD do that for you?


(135) All of these factors seem to deliberately put the management and staff in an unfavorable position.


(136) Individually, we all have rights as members.


(137) People aren't living in harmony at RRLE. Neighbors are being pitted against neighbors.


(138) Why?


(139) We are, after all, neighbors here -- we can all agree to disagree, but we can certainly get along in spite of our differences.


(140) There is no reason to dream up rules and regulations which merely upset people.


(141) It's vengeful and mean-spirited.


(142) When things are misstated, or deliberately twisted, there is a problem.


(143) We have a beautiful park.


(144) We need to keep it running smoothly and in harmony.


(145) We all need to get truthful information and facts, not just BOD "spin"