The 1st, 5th and 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution



(001) These 3 amendments state that no law making body can enact or enforce any law that deprives a citizen from life, liberty or property without due process of law.


(002) Our Covenants deprive us from free use of our privately owned land.


(003) We have been restricted to certain usage of our property.


(004) I am sure that a lot of us property owners were told of these “deed restrictions” after the purchase of our lots.


(005) This does not make us less responsible for not checking the “deed restrictions” ourselves.


(006) But my question is “Where does the DUE PROCESS OF LAW clause come into play.


(007) Do we allow a governing body to write any law they wish and when it is enforced, then do we take it to the courts and see if it is legal?


(008) I realize there are a lot of laws that are necessary for the protection of us all.


(009) For instance, an automobile in the wrong hands of, say, a drunk.


(010) There is potential danger to other drivers and pedestrians.


(011) Now, can anybody explain to me any harm I am doing to the other RRLE property owners because I spend more time on my private property then most of you do.


(012) I have heard that because I live full time at RRLE, I am causing your property value to drop in price.


(013) If this is true then when your property values drop in the town, city or village that you call your home your neighbors should sue you because you live there full time and you are the cause.


(014) I was not the first bring in a Park Model into RRLE.


(015) I was not the first to build a room addition to my Park Model.


(016) I was not the first to have more than one shed on my property.


(017) And I was not the first to live full time in RRLE.


(018) RRLE has progressed to the point that the majority of property owners do not wish to have the traditional RV’s on their lots.


(019) It is obvious that we want a Home away from Home, to be used anytime we wish.


(020) Less than 7% of the total lots are used as the Original Covenants state.


(021) It is evident that the property owners want more, and the Board wants to take away from you under the guise of Defending the Covenants.