The Mysterious “NO” Vote


(001) Our Covenants clearly states that to Change a Covenant or Rule we need two-thirds (2/3) of the memberships approval.


(002) To Add or Remove a Covenant we need three-quarter (¾) of the memberships approval.


(003) Both of these requirements require a YES Vote.


(004) If you do not agree with a proposal there is actually no need to send in or cast a NO Vote, because a YES Vote is the only requirement to pass.


(005) We all have heard the reason that past items to be voted on failed because of the NO Vote.


(007) They failed because there were not enough YES Votes.


(008) Why does the present BOD require you to send in a ballot even if you vote NO?


(009) The question is: Is it possible that under the present way we handle the voting process, can a NO Vote be exchanged for a YES Vote.


(010) This in not meant to be an accusation to anyone.


(011) This merely asks “Is it Possible?”


(012) Under the current voting process this is in my opinion that it doesn’t matter who was/is on the past, current or future BOD, it is a possibility, it can happen.


(013) It is also in my opinion that, in the 13 years that we have been in RRLE, we have never had an item to be voted on where there was not an argument on its voting validity.


(014) We need a voting process that removes all doubts about the legalities of voting.


(015) We have been told that we must uphold all local, county and state laws when managing our Park.


(016) The Wisconsin State and local law says that when voting in an election for officials that you must vote in person and at the designated voting place in your area.


(017) If you can’t vote in person on the voting day, you may apply for an early ballot.


(018) Check your local district for details.


(019) Not so here at RRLE, RRLE sends all property owners a ballot whether you are here on voting day or not.


(020) This certainly adds problems to the voting process, whether you are in agreement with Mail-in ballots or not.


(021) Mail-in ballots are allowed for any other matter to be voted on except Elections.


(022) These state laws removes 99% of doubts about Elections for Officials.