(001) You may receive a letter asking for a vote on options about issues at RRLE.


(002) It may state that we need to go through many costly maneuvers with the Township and Rock County to change our Planned Unit Development status.


(003) We do not need to change our PUD status, or to spend a large sum of our money -- your money - so that we can sue us!


(004) The BOD letter is written to persuade you to respond.


(005) It backs up the special interests of several current, and former members of the BOD.


(006) People have been living at RRLE for more than 25 years.


(007) We do not impact the school system.


(008) We do not own "RVs" and we do not live in a campground!


(009) Both Fulton Township and Rock County have clearly stated: "Problems at RRLE should remain within RRLE."


(010) The BOD is the reason things have not remained within RRLE!


(011) The BOD involved nearby towns with letters to real estate agents, title companies, and attorneys.


(012) Did you authorize the BOD to do these things?


(013) The BOD is specifically granted authority to "Govern the Common Properties" - to make sure funds come in to support our development.


(014) You own your lot, fee simple.


(015) You pay real estate taxes, utilities, and sewer bills year 'round.


(016) Be careful because the BOD may choose to rule that RRLE is open only 6 months each year!


(017) Or that RRLE is open on weekends only.


(018) Too much power is what it's all about!


(019) It's divisive and shouldn't be allowed to continue!


(020) Never has any BOD focused its attention, and its finances, on one issue: Permanent Living at RRLE.


(021) This abuse of "power" by dictators is irresponsible.


(022) The BOD is throwing our money around to attorneys - not towards maintenance issues -- at RRLE.


(023) The BOD recently spent more than $2100 on letters from various attorneys concerning permanent living.


(024) Why?


(025) What about the pools, the roadways, the bathhouses?


(026) Sales at RRLE have been "stalled" due to the aggressive actions of the BOD.


(027) How do you think this affects your property value?


(028) The BOD would have you believe they're "protecting" you from "undesirable riff-raff' coming into our development.


(029) Several seniors have already moved out because of fear about what the BOD is going to do next.


(030) No one deserves this kind of treatment!


(031) Our seniors aren't "riff-raff!"


(032) If the BOD isn't pleased with property owners' comments about improprieties, the Property Owners Forum is excluded from the ReView.


(033) The ReView has lost thousands of dollars worth of advertising.


(034) Reason?


(035) No ReView for four (4) months.


(036) BOD Meetings used to take place 10 or 11 months each year.


(037) Go to the office and request to see books containing everything from past years.


(038) You are entitled to the information.


(039) We intend to take our park back!


(040) Please join us at the meetings which will be posted in the office.


(041) Meetings are open to everyone at RRLE.