(001) Rock River Leisure Estates is a gated community located in Rock County, Futon Township.


(002) It is classified as a Planned Unit Development (PUD) incorporated under Wisconsin State Statute Chapter 181 as a non-profit corporation.


(003) It is governed By the RRLE Homeowners Association.


(004) There are 528 sites of 6,000 - 9,000 sq. ft., classified as "RV" sites.


(005) As you know, RV's are travel trailers, campers and motor homes.


(006) Most folks have opted to bring in natural gas to their "RV" sites rather than dealing with bottled Propane gas.


(007) 27 Cottage sites of 10,400 sq. ft. or greater are also located within the development.


(008) RRLE contains a total of 555 sites, on 200-plus acres of land.


(009) Recent pictures of Park Model Mobile Homes on "RV" sites are attached.


(010) The development has always been a year 'round development.


(011) Winter activities and sports such as skiing, snowmobiling, ice-skating and snow- tubing were promoted.


(012) Roads are private and have always been plowed throughout the winter by a park manager who is employed by the Association and lives on the premises.


(013) Buildings, facilities and amenities like the Clubhouse, Teen Center, Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts, Bathhouses, Laundromats, Boat Storage area, Shuffleboard Courts, Bocce Ball Courts, Playgrounds and Country Store, are all maintained by the RRLE Homeowners Association through annual dues from each lot owner.


(014) The majority of lots at RRLE have abundant landscaping, decks, patios, storage barns, driveways and walkways.


(015) Utilities are all underground at RRLE.


(016) RRLE is a beautiful development which was featured in national magazines several years ago.


(017) Lot sales began in 1976, and were so brisk that all three (3) phases sold out within four (4) years, at which time developers turned the property over to the RRLE Homeowners Association.


(018) Developers originally agreed to prohibit property owners from living on their sites through the Declaration of Covenants and Rules.


(019) The Township, understandably, didn't want to impact their schools with children from 555 sites.


(020) Because of visits to Township Meetings by a few former board members, the Township eventually became concerned about Real Estate Tax.


(021) Fulton Township began to tax Park Model owners as conventional housing would be taxed about 12 years ago.


(022) One key player, an Illinois attorney, started "running the show" and the board several years ago.


(023) Because he is an attorney, he has caused irreparable harm to many folks.


(024) He began an "Oversight Committee" several years ago which tore the members of our community apart, when he wanted only members of his Oversight Committee elected to our board.


(025) He got his wish!


(026) He authored letters which were sent to individuals on the Association list demeaning prospective candidates not in agreement with him.


(027) He got appointed and, illegally, reappointed to the board of directors.


(028) He had insulting letters printed in the ReView, our community monthly newsletter.


(029) In 1996, approximately 138 property RRLE owners of "RV" sites initiated a class - action against Fulton Township, and used a Whitewater attorney.


(030) The attached decision went against people involved from RRLE.


(031) However, this privileged information was given to the Illinois attorney, although he was not a party to that action.


(032) It was implied, by the Whitewater attorney, that the RRLE case against the Township was going to be lost.


(033) We have a copy of that "Confidential" letter to the Illinois attorney.


(034) The ReView is now censored against members who challenge the Illinois attorney.


(035) He began a friendship with the Whitewater attorney.


(036) ­We have heard both the Whitewater attorney and the Illinois attorney belong to the same country club and goIf together.


(037) The Whitewater attorney now handles everything for the board, as well as the RRLE Water Cooperative, an entirely separate entity which also belongs to the RRLE Association.


(038) The "crossover" is a direct conflict of interest.


(039) During the past 15 years, many seniors travel to RRLE and remain from 5 to 7 months of each year.


(040) Some claim their permanent residence in FL, TX, AZ or California.


(041) Many seniors here simply cannot afford to reside between two different homes, seasonally.


(042) These folks remain year 'round at RRLE.


(043) Both the "snowbirds", as well as those who file their taxes in Wisconsin, have mailboxes down at our clubhouse.


(044) There are a minimum of 200 post office boxes at the clubhouse, installed by the post office approximately 12 years ago.


(045) These are numbered and accessible with a post office key.


(046) Mail is delivered to P.O. Boxes, daily.


(047) During the past year, three directors and a former director, have "gone after" anyone who stays at RRLE year 'round, mainly our seniors, through a newly appointed Regulations and Enforcement Committee.


(048) Residents at RRLE have been told that Fulton Township insists they must leave their homes for two (2) continuous months, from October through May of each year.


(049) Since their Park Model Mobile Homes are now taxed as conventional housing, why should our seniors be forced to leave their residence here at RRLE?


(050) On the advice of the Whitewater attorney, the board has insisted as of July 1, 2006, new buyers coming into the development sign a Notarized form, stating they will not live at RRLE in future years.


(051) The board sent out letters to attorneys, title companies and real estate offices throughout all nearby towns and the City of Janesville indicating the majority of our membership didn't want people living here year 'round.


(052) This was done without anyone's knowledge.


(053) The letter was authored very possibly by the lllinois attorney.


(054) In addition, there is a large sign on the front gates into RRLE stating permanent living at RRLE on "RV" lots is forbidden.


(055) We do not wish to go to court to fight these directors because of the expense.


(056) The board has tried to get us to do this.


(057) The board will be including a two-page "Survey" into our newsletter during the next month, or will be mailing the Survey out to property owners.


(058) A "draft" copy is attached.


(059) It was probably written by the lllinois attorney, who seems to delight in getting everyone stirred up.


(060) For these reasons we are coming to you about this problem.


(061) We attempted to go to the Janesville Gazette when we wanted to get our information out, but we were told someone "higher up" from RRLE had contacted the newspaper and told them they were not to publish anything about what is going on here.


(062) This harassment and discrimination cannot and must not continue.


(063) If we need to go to other media, we will have to do it.


(064) We are here to ask your advice.