Who has Control of

Rock River Leisure Estates?


(001) Who has the absolute control of Rock River Leisure Estates?


(002) Does the ownership belong to all the lot owners (membership of RRLE) or just the members of our BODís.


(003) For the last 35 years any and all matters were voted on by the total membership.That alone implies that the control of RRLE belongs to the HOA membership.


(004) The last couple of years show that the control has shifted to the 7 members of the RRLE BODís and their private attorney.


(005) The current BODís only present their own laws and principles.

(006) They do not publish any information about what happens here at RRLE.


(007) If you need proof of this, just look at the past couple of years of the ReView.

(008) Any arguments presented at the Property Owners Forum never get published.


(009) The BODís clearly state that they do not need any input or votes by the HOA membership.


(010) They can do whatever they please.