(001) People of America you have rights and laws you can enforce.


(002) Remove politicians guilty of taking bribes, violating public trust and land fraud.


(003) June 09, 2003


(004) By Willowdean Vance (View author info) Copyright ahrc.com,  Tampa, Florida –


(005) If homeowners would read history and demand that the elected officials you voted for uphold their constitutional oath, you would not have to cry on each others shoulders about losing your 1st Amendment, 9th amendment and 14th amendment property rights.


(006) The Bill of Rights is still the Supreme Law of the land.


(007) Any law in conflict with your constitutional rights is invalid.


(008) Such laws exist because you allow them to lie and cheat, and then you let them steal your rights while they live off bigger salaries, fat perks and turn their back on the constitutional oath.


(009) You, the constituents have the right to remove them for violating public trust.


(010) Look in your phone book for the name and number of your state representative and ask him or her what agency has AUTHORITY to remove someone from office for violating public trust.


(011) If you don't stand for something you stand for nothing and politicians rely on the fact most of the public is all talk and no action.


(012) Homeowner Association lawyers have trashed the constitution since the National Association of Home Builders brainwashed the Congressional Hearing Committee into trusting CAI (Community Associates Institute) to educate and train CID residents to live in harmony.


(013) Thanks to a naive congressional hearing, CAI got $75,000 of HUD and VA funds to increase their monopoly of common interest developments, the county officials got free tax and builders collected triple profits ... law Firms got a gold mine –wow--what a clever bunch of free enterprises.


(014) They make the early railroad theft gang look cleaner than the Mafia ... but since J. Edgar Hoover is no longer alive to fight crime, every citizen must be a crime fighter and start by backing my support to Petition the Congress to Restore All First Amendment Rights and make it a criminal act for any law firm or Builder etc to aid and abet anyone to deprive citizens of First Amendment Rights etc.


(015) Also demand each state remove the charter of any CID in violation of 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation laws.


(001) The states are guilty of selective law enforcement and accepting bribes because taking annual corporation fees from profit making nonprofits, and then refusing to make them comply, is fraud!


(016) It is the state's duty to close them down!


(017) Where is the IRS while these volunteer directors aid and abet law firms to steal property rights?


(018) People of America - you have laws with rights you do not enforce - why do you let politicians play games with trial lawyers instead of impeaching or removing them for violating public trust.


(019) Politicians swear under their oath of office to guard the health, safety and public welfare of all citizens along with their constitutional rights before accepting, endorsing, or approving any new laws or rights.


(020) Politicians are not in office to support theft by trial lawyers or land developers through non-judicial foreclosure, eminent domain etc.


(001) Read, "We the People for the People by the People.org”.


(021) Then wake up and shake up these gangs with a plan to stop any man hiding under color of law ... Remember officials have no immunity UNLESS they are acting under authority and when they violate constitutional rights or 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation regulations, they are NOT acting with authority!


(022) Laws passed AFTER properly rights laws are De Facto Laws, "after the fact" and are not legal but Judges continue to say that if you are foolish enough to sign contracts granting this authority, they must honor contract laws.


(023) Put on your blue overalls, grab a scrub mop and scrub pail, alert CNN, ABC, FOX that there is a clean up crew on the capitol steps armed with scrub mops to clean up property rights thieves to take back GOD given property rights or else accept the fact you face a worse fate then our North American Indians herded onto reservations so that wealthy ranchers could raise cattle and turn us into sheep?


(024) I contacted the Washington Post Editors to publish my First Amendment Petition to restore rights and I sent a copy through the office of my senator Bill Nelson ... the only way to succeed is, "Pray like everything depends on GOD and work like everything depends on you ... "I've been doing that so many years that I live one day at a time in a small apartment to have money for postage, printing and protest trips.


(025) I can contact so many on so little at age 76 (World War Two Military Pensions) because all you need is grit and backbone to lay down the law, remove officials acting under color of law, and boycott taxes until you get equal protection.