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Letter to All Property Owners (January 2011) Original, Adobe Reader Format
Letter to All Property Owners (January 2011) Revised Black & White 
Letter to All Property Owners (January 2011) Revised Color
Letter to All Property Owners (January 2011) Revised Color Comments Added
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   Please remember that the comments that I have added to the Original Letter to all Property Owners (January 2011) are just my own opinions and nothing more.   Also remember that the comments by the Authors of stated letter are just their own opinions and nothing more.   It seems that the Authors took great pride in personal attacks on certain Property Owners that do not agree with their opinions.
    It is the intention of this Web Site to share information about RRLE to all Property Owners at one location.    
The revisions that I have made to any original documents include larger text (fonts) for easier reading for us older  folks,      broken paragraphs into single sentences and given each sentence its own line number: e.g.(001).

This makes for easy referencing and comparing between documents.

                                             There is an original document available for all revised documents. 
RRLE Declaration of Covenants (Circa 1975) Revised Color      Text Lines = 172
RRLE Articles of Incorporation (Circa 1975)         Original, Adobe Reader Format
RRLE By-Laws (Circa 06 14 2003)                                                       Text Lines = 198
RRLE Declaration of Covenants (Circa 1982) Revised Color      Text Lines = 226
RRLE Declaration of Covenants (Circa 2005) Revised Color      Text Lines = 124
Town of Fulton vs RRLE on Property Tax (Circa 2003)                                               
Wisconsin State Statute 181 (Circa 1975 )             Original, Adobe Reader Format
Who is responsible for rewritting our Covenants????
Robert Elliott vs RRLE on Shed Size and Covenants (Circa 1985)                           
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